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Play kitchens

I love pretend play

These modern design kitchens are hand crafted with love and care. When I designed this product I kept in mind the required items a toddler will enjoy; oven and stove knobs that turn, a drawer to open and close for all plastic cutlery, a cupboard to stock all sorts of items, an oven for the pleasant pretend cooking times, shelves for all types of appliances a tap feature to wash those hands a railing or knobs option to hang some items and bottom wheels to easily move the kitchen around.

I kept the design compact and intimate, durable and yet deliver all the requirements for toddler/kids to make good use of it.

The kitchen can fit properly into small corners or open spaces or even in their bedroom and not take up too much space. As it is easy to move around, the kitchen can be moved to his/her own area or to a small space in the home kitchen to join with the family cooking experience.

Soft colors with gold or silver trimmings is what makes these pieces unique and stylish.



Add a microwave  &  Change your background